I came home from university a few days ago and looked into the mirror only to realize how out of control I let my weight get during my first year. This blog is meant to be a map of my journey. This is not a quick fix to my weight but a change in lifestyle.

Sex: Female Height: 5'2
SW: 142 (as of May 10 2012)
GW1: 130
GW2: 120
UGW: 110-115

Total pounds lost so far: 11-15 (As of September 1 2012)

Kg Lost: 6-7 (As of September 1 2012)

NOT DOING WEIGH INS ANYMORE. Look at progress photos if you are curious of how things are going.

Not a certified nutritionist or anything like that. These are just weight loss ideas and things that have worked for myself.

Finally Motivated



canoeing in a crystal clear lake 

coolest but scariest fucking thing



canoeing in a crystal clear lake 

coolest but scariest fucking thing

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From now on I live for myself. I have been living for others for many years. I have wasted so much time and gotten nothing in return. I will fade out these activities and start living for myself. I can’t get back all the years but I can get back my life. Henry Rollins  (via thatkindofwoman)

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girl tattoo


girl tattoo

The way to get started is to quit talking and begin doing. If you can dream it, you can do it. Always remember that this whole thing was started with a dream and a mouse. Walt Disney (via motiveweight)
If you quit while pursuing your dreams, you will never know how close you’ve come to success. It might have been hidden behind that next door you decided not to open, since the last fifty doors revealed little or nothing. Kamil Ali (The Initiates)

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My before and after.  7 months of hard work and dedication. 80 pounds lost and 10 more to go!!!!! Almost there :) 

you look great! keep up the good work!

o.o omfg good job 

You look amazing!!

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The master has failed more times than the beginner has even tried.

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this is actually very encouraging

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The mind, just like the body, becomes exactly what it is fed. While the body is nourished by healthy food, the mind is nourished by positive thoughts.  Vironika Tugaleva (via motiveweight)

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Fuck what my stomach looks like in a bikini or what my thighs look like in shorts. I want my plate to be colorful for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. I want to run a mile and feel like running 10 more afterwards. I want to feel like I’m filled to the brim with energy all day long. I just want to be healthy.

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"Fat people can’t—”

Yes they can! [x]

Yas, you majestic f*cking creature.

that is some beautiful lines tho 

yes they have wonderful form!


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